General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry turns 40!

In unity there is strength. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have long realized that by banding together in the true spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, and best-practice sharing, they become stronger, and their civic, commercial, social, and economic interests and rights protected. Such is the beauty of founding the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GSCCCII).

GSC Chamber Logo_BigBorn on October 25, 1974 as the local business community’s response to the challenge of countryside business development, GSCCCII has grown strong and evolved through the years. Like all growing organizations, it obtains its share of victories and challenges.

In the early 1980s, it was given real impetus and renewed vitality when the city’s tuna and fishing industries, complemented by the rise of the mainly agri-based sector, began its phenomenal growth. In 1988, GSCCCII expanded its membership and range of services. As of to date, it has 160 individual and corporate members coming from all sectors of the business community.

These 160 individual and corporate members come from the following sectors: Industry and Manufacturing; Financial Services; Agriculture; Fishing and Aquaculture; Commerce and Trade; Transportation and Communication; Information Technology; Real Estate and Construction; Tourism; Livestock; General Services; and Sector-At-Large.

Young at 40, GSCCCII is still a growing organization. We advance as we prepare the business community to embrace the future, capacitate our members professionally, and ready everyone to welcome the full impact of the ASEAN economic integration. We will lead the business community to prepare, tackle, and mitigate the impact of climate change. We will continue to champion what is true, right, and just. Above all, GSCCCII remains steadfast in our quest for Excellence, unwavering Commitment, and effective Service.

We toast to our victories!


Speak English

It’s interesting to know how Filipinos neglect their English vocabulary and competence. Many Filipino professionals provide editorial work for foreigners. Foreign firms choose Filipino professionals.

Foreign nationals seek us out to teach them English as second language and to edit their articles and manuscripts. Here we are smirking on the side saying what do I need English for? English is the universal language. Speak and be loyal to your native tongue all the days of your life, but keep your English language proficiency. It will bring you places.

English is a second language. It’s not our mother tongue but when we learn, speak, and write it excellently, it’s like learning a second language for free! The Japanese, Chinese, Indonesians, Thais, Malaysians and other nationalities pay to learn, speak and write English, and yet here we are totally diminishing its importance. Wake up! Revisit your English language, enjoy it, speak it, write it and earn from it!