Unceasing rain

       The rains have visited us four days in a row. Everything is wet. Plants are, so are the laundry on the clotheslines. I bet many home makers and laundry people are unhappy. Wet clothes get soiled and smell. Don’t they?

       Today, the rains visited my quiet nook in a tranquil subdivision. As I write, it’s still drizzling. I can’t help but think about the frenzied life of a friend. She has to travel weekly. It is a punishing schedule. She’s here today; gone tomorrow. I know how stressful it can get. I’ve been there.

No wonder she singles me out each time she’s here. I’m like her equilibrium. (Oh, I’m giving myself too much credit huh!) Well, the honor is mine. We all have friends who provide us anchor in life. They serve as our lifeline; balance; absorber; devil’s advocate; morale booster; conscience; perspective; supporter, ad infinitum. The list can definitely go on.  Don’t worry my dear friend, stress or no stress, I’m there for you.

The rain is only temporary. Perhaps it’s time to relax a bit and embrace the dull moments of life before we plunge into another hectic, harried, hurried, and overwhelming life phase.

Let’s enjoy our moments of rest and bliss. In fact, let’s deck our lives with moments like these. These are soul moments, as the writer said. Periods when your soul seeks its own solitude and stillness.

If I sound profound, blame it on the unceasing rain.

(This blog is dedicated to my harried and hurried but brilliant and witty friend.)


6 thoughts on “Unceasing rain

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